Friday, March 27th, 2015

A Contour Crime You Might Be Committing


Contouring is one of those addictive make up techniques! A lot of bloggers spoke about its different techniques. Although its very critical, but not a lot spoke about choosing the right shade to do it, I’ve noticed a common mistake I see people doing and I can’t even blame them, I was guilty too.
الكونتور تيكنيك مرة جميل وكتير ناس اتكلمت عن طريقته بس مو كتير اتكلموا عن درجات البني المناسبه. قررت اتكلم عن الموضوع لانه لاحظت كتير ناس تغلط في اختيار اللون وما الومهم لانه انا كمان كنت اغلط
When you contour you’re creating a shadow wherever you need it to accentuate your features. Real shadows look a little bit greyish and unfortunately most people are using golden orange bronzers to contour not knowing that its a major make up mistake. Its not possible to create a shadow with an orange based bronzer, It wouldn’t look real and natural. Contouring should look more like your face is naturally structured and that the shadow you created is real. Even though it might sound wrong, but the correct shade of brown to contour is the most pail dull brown you could ever find.
لما نعمل كونتور بنحدد الوجه بالظل و عادةً الظل الحقيقي بيكون لونه رايح على رمادي شويه، للاسف الشديد اغلب المرات بنستخدم برونز لونه بني محمر رايح على اورنج وهادي من اكبر الاغلاط في الكونتور. مستحيل نقدر نعمل ظل لونه بني محمر، ما حيبان انه ظل حقيقي وحيكون واضح اننا راسمين الظل رسم ف لازم نختار لون بني باهت على رمادي عشان يبان الظل حقيقي من النور
I previously used Sephora’s bronzer to contour which is the one on the left but then I noticed its not the perfect shade for contouring. It made my contour look fake because its orange based so now I only use it to bronze my face. I got Bahama mama from The Blam, which is the one to the right. It doesn’t have an orange undertone like most bronzers and its a little bit more pail so it really helps me create a shadow that looks real.
A lot of people asked about the lipstick I used for this look. Najla Zainy mixed 3 colours from MAC. Honeylove, Japanese Maple, and Creme Cup
زمان كنت استخدم البرونز حق سيفورا للكونتور اللي هوا عل يسار. بس بعد فتره لاحظت انه اللون ابدا ما ينفع للكونتور وبيبان اني بحاول قدر الامكان اني ارسم ظل ف بطلت استخدمه للكونتور ودحين بس استخدمه لو ابا اسمر وجهي. بعدين اشتريت باهاما ماما من ذا بالم اللي عل يمين. ابدا مهو بني محمر، حتى لونه باهت ورايح على رمادي ف بيطلع الظل شكله كانه حقيقي وكانه من جد عظمه وجهي بارزه
كتير ناس سالوني على الروج اللي استخدمته لدا اللوك. نجلا زيني استخدمت ٣ الوان من ماك، هوني لوف و جابانيز مابل و كريم كب
  • Meead
    March 29, 2015

    Hi ghalia honey

    i really want u to tell us about ur diet and ur fitness routine
    and also how u deal with being short

    love u

  • Renad
    April 27, 2015

    I used to do that mistake as well, it used to look more like a brownish-reddish blusher rather than a shadow. Thanks for the post! and we’d love if you can post a skin care routine 🙂 thanks again!

  • Yara official
    July 6, 2015

    hey lolo, your blog is fabulous <3

    just wanted to ask you, where are 'the palm' located ?


    • Ghalia Mahmoudi
      July 6, 2015

      Thank you, I’m glad you like my blog. Unfortunately the balm is not available in KSA however a lot of Instagram accounts sell it in KSA or you can buy it from the official website

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