Friday, January 17th, 2014

Beauty Box Giveaway


At the start of a New Year, I thought, as we all do, about trying new things. So I’ve decided to do my very first giveaway competition! Honestly speaking, I know I wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for your constant support and encouragement, and I had to find the perfect way to thank you. Ever heard of the the saying, “wish for others what you wish for yourself?”. Well, I teamed up with Beauty Box Ltd to give you some products I would wish to receive as a gift. We boxed up some of their best sellers for this giveaway that will include the GlamGlow Youth-Mud, Beautiful Brows Kit, RG Cosmetics Argan Hair Oil, NCLA Nail Polish, and two NCLA Nail Wraps.

Read bellow to know about each product and the rules of the competition.  


GlamGlow Youth-Mud:

This mud mask is reportedly used by most celebrities for immediate camera-ready glowing skin. It is designed to be suitable for both women and men with all skin types. GlamGlow won various awards by Sephora , Harrods, Elle, and many more. It was also featured as one of the masks with the most realistic and outstanding results in Cosmopolitan magazine, Vogue Brazil, Grazia, and about 10 more magazines. I have personally tried it and I must admit the results were very impressive, I felt a lot more confident going bare-faced since it literally made any of my wrinkles and fine lines less noticeable, made my skin glow, and made it feel a lot healthier and cleaner.

Beautiful Brow Kit:

This eyebrow kit is a brow-saver. It includes an eyebrow powder, a highlighter, 2 brushes, tweezers, and even 3 eyebrow templates for any of you who have some trouble drawing and shaping the perfect eyebrows. This is the kind of product I would totally use, for I really never knew what kind of brush to use for eyebrows, my tweezers are always lost somewhere, and I simply can’t get both my eyebrows looking right or at least having the same shape. It is so easy to have a box that includes everything you need; nothing lost and nothing left unsolved.

RG Cosmetics Argan Oil:

We have all heard our mothers and grandmothers sing the praises of oil for our hair because of its protective, nourishing, moisture-locking properties. Of course, there are even more benefits to it than just those 3, however we don’t use it much because of how greasy and messy it gets once applied. What I like about this specific Argan Oil from RG cosmetics is that it puts off all this drama by allowing the product to do all its magic on your hair with just a few small drops and zero greasy residue.

ncLA Nail Polish and Nail Wraps:

Who wouldn’t want nail goodies all the way from LA? NCLA’s nail polishes are super shiny and chip-resistant with a quick dry time. Beauty Box Ltd and I chose a color that has a very luxurious feel with its metallic blue shade named “Call Me For The After Party”  which is one of their bestsellers and I’m completely obsessed with it. The nail wraps were made for those nail-art lovers that, like me, can’t actually draw. I bought myself 3 sets already, and I love the fact that it’s so easy to apply and remove and they last a lot longer than what I expected them to. For the giveaway, I’ve chosen 2 sets of nail wraps with prints that are quite daring compared to the usual prints we see.

To enter this giveaway competition, all you have to do is follow all the rules in this photo!

Please note: All competitors are expected to follow the rules mentioned in the photo above. If any of the rules are not met, the competitor will no longer be part of this competition. If your Instagram account is private please share it on both instagram and twitter. The winner will be picked at random next Friday, 24/1/2014. If you have any further inquiries, feel free to drop me an email and I would gladly answer all your questions.


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