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A couple of days ago I attended an event for Etro, an Italian luxury brand located in Khayyat center in Jeddah. When I first walked in to the boutique I saw a man dressed in a white coat with all these tools, it was quiet confusing at first but then I realized he was handcrafting a bag! It was so special to watch his attention to detail and to know how much effort it takes to create an Etro bag!
قبل كم يوم حضرت ايفنت لماركه هاي اند ايطاليه اسمها اترو في مركز الخياط. اول ما دخلت البوتيك شفت رجال بيشتغل على حاجه ومعاه ادوات غريبه، في البدايه ابدا ما فهمت بعدين استوعبت انه بيصنع شنطه. حبيت دقته في العمل وتركيزه في التفاصيل الصغيره اللي في الشنطه


I walked around the boutique to learn more about the brand as I have never owned an Etro piece before. I noticed most of the pieces had prints and colours, I thought it was the theme of the current collection but turns out that its the brand’s personality. The paisley flower that is seen on most of the pieces is Etro’s signature print that differentiates it from all the other brands.
اخدت جوله في البوتيك اشوف كيف ستايل الماركه لانه ولا مره اشتريت منهم. لاحظت اغلب القطع ملونه كتير وعليها نقش، اتوقعت تكون فكره المجموعه الحاليه بس طلعت هيا تصاميم الماركه وشخصيتها كده. اغلب القطع عليها نقشه البيزلي اللي تميز الماركه عن غيرها، من اول ما اتأسست الماركه وهما معتمدين النقشه كعلامه لهم


Here are some photos of the pieces that were interesting to me
صور لأكتر قطع لفتولي نظري

IMG_1881copyresized IMG_1750copyresized IMG_1744copyresized IMG_1735copyresized IMG_1733copyresizedIMG_1718copyresized


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