Monday, August 18th, 2014

Lomar Abayas

DSC_1375copyEverbody recognises Lomar as a luxury men’s thobe brand but what not a lot of people know is that they recently launched their very first women’s abaya line. I took a look at the collection with their designer Christophe while he gave me a tour.

If you look at the collection you will notice that each and every design is different from the other, but theres one thing they have in common: most of them are versatile and easy to switch from a day at work or college to a night out.

They are currently selling the abayas at their Rawda street branch, alongside to the mens thobes

كل احد يعرف لومار كبراند للثياب الرجاليه بس مو كتير ناس تعرف انهم نزلو اول مجموعه عبايات نسائيه من فتره

مصمم العبايات كرستوف وراني المجموعه بالكامل، لاحظت انه كل تصميم مختلف عن التاني بس في شيء واحد مشترك بينهم. كل عبايه تتلبس بكذا طريقه وتقدري بكل سهوله تلبسيها في الشغل او الجامعه وتزيدي عليها حزام وتلبسيها في المساء

حالياً المجموعه متوفره في فرعهم اللي بشارع الروضه الى جانب الثياب الرجاليهDSC_1402copy

  • Samia
    August 19, 2014

    How about the prices ? Is it reasonable or 2000 SAR and above ?

    • Ghalia Mahmoudi
      September 7, 2014

      Hi Samia,
      I really can’t judge because 2000 might be reasonable for some people and it might be expensive for other people. We all have different opinions so I think its best if you call or pay them a visit to check, their store is in Rawda street

  • Sara Haji
    August 20, 2014

    جدا جميل العبابه ماشالله و صراحه من جد العوبي حق لومار محتشمه وغير عن الباقي

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