Friday, August 14th, 2015

Palm trees and Coral heels

DSC_0156copyresizedSummer is nearly ending, I have a couple of weeks left and I didn’t get the chance to enjoy it. Since I’m always busy with university all year long, I usually dedicate my summer to work and maybe 1 or 2 weeks of vacation if that was possible. Sad news is, I was planning to travel last week but unfortunately things don’t always go as planned. I had a lot of outfits in mind for my travel, I thought it would be nice to shoot some outfits in cool places that I’ve never been to but If I keep waiting for something special to happen then I won’t get the chance to share my summer outfits before Fall begins. All the brands started launching their Fall 2015 collections already so I think its best to share the outfits before its too late and just let go of all the cool places I pictured in my head.

قرب ينتهي الصيف وباقي بس اسبوعين او أقل وأرجع للدوام، ما لحقت أستمتع بالصيف. بما إني دايما مشغوله في الجامعه أنتظر الصيف عشان أشتغل على البلوق أكتر وإذا في مجال أخد أسبوع او أسبوعين إجازه للسفر. كنت مخططه أسافر الأسبوع اللي فات بس للأسف ما زبط الموضوع. كان في بالي كتير لبس أصوره في السفر، قلت يطلع حلو لو أصور لبسي في أماكن جديده ما رحتها قبل كده بس إذا حفضل أستنى فحيروح عليا الصيف وحتبدأ موضه الخريف وأنا لسه ما نزلت كل إللي في بالي


Luckily, I found some pictures I took by the beach in June that I totally forgot about. I was wearing neutrals, they’re my go to summer colours but of course I have to add a pop of colour to make it a little more exciting. My top and pants were from Zara but I got them last year. The bag is Tory Burch also from last year and the heels are from Topshop spring/summer2015 collection. I was checking their website again and I found that these sandals are on sale now, here‘s the link.

لحسن الحظ لقيت دي الصور اللي صورتها على البحر من شهر جون ونسيتهم. كنت لابسه ألوان محايده، هيا الألوان اللي دايما أختارها فتره الصيف بس طبعا لازم أزيد شويه لون يكسر فأخترت صندل بلون صارخ. البلوزه والبنطلون من زارا، اشتريتهم من السنه اللي فاتت. الشنطه من توري بورتش وكمان أشتريتها من السنه اللي فاتت. الصندل توب شوب من مجموعه ربيع/صيف ٢٠١٥. كنت بشوف الموقع ولقيتهم مخفضين، هادا الرابط للصندل


  • Nadia
    August 14, 2015

    Amazing as always ! I hope you have an amazing year next year ❤️

  • Nadiah
    August 14, 2015

    Amazing as always Lolo!
    I know how it feels to stay and not travel all summer.
    anyways… I hope you have an amazing year next year !
    much love

  • Aseel
    September 27, 2015

    Heey Ghalia
    You look stunning as usual mashallah
    I just wanna ask you about this place, it looks amazing where is it exactly?

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