Sunday, December 6th, 2015

Red carpet look with MAC

IMG_2718copyresizedA couple of days ago I got the chance to meet Vimi, she’s MAC’s global senior make up artist for 17 years. She’s a celebrity make up artist and shes done make up for Arab stars, Bollywood stars, and she also participates in major fashion shows during fashion week. Its very overwhelming to have someone as talented as her do my make up.

من كم يوم جاتني فرصة أقابل الميك اب ارتست لماك فيمي. تعمل ميك اب للمشاهير و لفنانين عرب ومشاهير بوليوود وشاركت في عروض أزياء كبيرة في فاشون ويك. مرة احساس جميل انه شخص بموهبتها يسويلي مكياجي
She decided to give me that red carpet look she usually does for the celebrities. Lucky me, I had my make up done by a celebrity make up artist and she also explained the whole technique. Basically now I can give myself that celebrity look any day anytime.
سوتلي لوك الريد كاربت اللي دايما تسوي للمشاهير. من حسن حظي انها سوتلي اللوك وشرحتلي خطواته وأقدر دحين أسوي بنفسي في أي وقت.

Before she started my make up she hydrated my face with fix plus and applied a moisturizer even though I have an oily skin. Moisturizer is really important for all skin types, you just need to use one that suits you best, in my case that would be a water-based or a gel-based moisturizer.

قبل ما تبدأ الميك اب رطبتلي وجهي بفيكس بلاس وبعدها حطتلي مرطب مع انه بشرتي دهنية. المرطب مرة مهم لكل  أنواع البشرات بس لازم تختاري النوع المناسب لبشرتك. في حالتي أنا أحتاج مرطب أساسه مائي أو جل


For foundation she used MAC studio sculpt in the shade NC 35 and she first matched it with my neck, which is a very important step to ensure theres no obvious color difference between my face and the rest of my body. She highlighted my T-zone and under my eyes using mineralize concealer in the shade NC 15. To have a natural highlight, the concealer must be just 2 shades lighter than my skin or less it would look fake.

للأساس أستخدمت ستوديو سكالبت درجة ان سي ٣٥ وطابقت اللون مع رقبتي وهادي خطوة مرة مهمة عشان لا يبان اختلاف في اللون بين وجهي وباقي جسمي. فتحتلي منطقة التي زون وتحت عيني بمينيريلايز كونسيلر درجة ان سي ١٥،ولازم يكون الكونسيلر افتح من لون بشرتك بدرجتين بالكتير عشان يكون شكله طبيعي


When we contour we usually draw a line under our cheek bone pointing downwards. Vimi did the complete opposite, she drew the line upwards as you can see in the photo. She uses this technique to lift the face up and sculpt it, its a very interesting technique that I haven’t seen any make up artist do before.

لمن نعمل كونتور عادة نرسم خط تحت عظمة الخد موجهة على تحت. فيمي سوت العكس ورسمت الخط على فوق زي ما انتو شايفين في الصورة. تستخدم دي الطريقة عشان ترفع الوجه لفوق وتحدده. طريقة مرة غريبة ما عمري شفتها قبل كده

IMG_2589copyresizedIf you notice she didn’t hide my freckles whatsoever, she even said that its going to be a huge make up trend in 2016. She drew freckles for models during fashion week for the coming year. That is very exciting for me, I honestly love my freckles and I don’t mind flaunting them.

اذا لاحظتو ما غطتلي النمش أبداً وقالتلي حيكون تريند كبير للميك اب في ٢٠١٦، وحتى هي رسمت نمش على العارضات في الفاشون ويك للسنة الجاية. أنا مرة أحب نمشي وما عندي أي مانع يبان


She over-lined my lips in a very natural way, it felt like I got lip fillers all over again. The color she used was MAC red. For my eyebrows she didn’t use brown, nor blond, nor black, she actually used a grey eyeshadow called “Copperplate”. She didn’t apply it with an eyebrow brush too, she used a smudging brush. I would have never thought grey would work for eyebrows and it did!

كبرتلي شفايفي بطريقة مرة طبيعية كأني عملت فيلر مرة تانية. اللون اللي استخدمته هو ماك ريد. لحواجبي ما استخدمت لا بني ولا اشقر ولا اسود، اختارت ترسمهم ب اي شادو لونه رمادي اسمه “كوبر بليت”، ابدا ما اتوقعت الرمادي يزبط للحواحب بس طلع جميل

IMG_2612copyresizedYou all know I’m not a huge fan of eyeliner since I have hooded and downturned eyes. Drawing an eyeliner on eyes like mine is the toughest and I always avoid it. However to Vimi, its not a challenge. She said for eyes like mine its better to start 3 lashes before the end of my eyes, that way it would instantly lift my eye up. Thats a tip I needed a couple of years back but its better late than never, at least now I know what works for those tough eyes. She drew a perfect liner, its so sharp it could kill someone lol.

كلكم عارفين اني ما أحب احط ايلاينر عشان عيني ناعسة ومبطنه، والايلاينر على عيوني شي مرة صعب عشان كده اتجنبه. بس ل فيمي مو شي صعب أبداً. قالت لشكل عيني الأحسن أبدأ ٣ رموش قبل نهاية العين عشان يرفعها على طول. اتمنى اني كنت اتعلمت دي الطريقة قبل كم سنة بس على الأقل دحين أعرف ايش ينفع مع العيون اللي زي عيني


  • Iman Al-Aulaqi
    December 7, 2015

    I absolutely LOVE this look will, the contouring is so random will definitely give it a try hopefully it suits my face too!

  • Asseel
    December 7, 2015

    stunninggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg as usual

  • Sara Joseph
    December 7, 2015

    I liked the look so much
    your website is amaziiiiing
    keep it up babeh

  • tea...
    December 8, 2015

    lolo…looking stunning …XOXO

  • Alanoud
    December 19, 2015


  • Mimz
    January 5, 2016

    I love this, you look breath taking from your head to your toe mashallah ❤️ I really love your abaya too, can you share with us please from where you got it ..

    • Ghalia Mahmoudi
      January 6, 2016

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I got it from Babushka

  • Rehan Salem
    September 13, 2016

    this is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    u look different , pretty and attractive !

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