Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

Rob Your Local Supermarket

MaxMaraI’m so excited to finally reveal the “Rob Your Local Supermarket” editorial I worked on with Ali Cha’aban and The Loft for Destination Jeddah’s August 2016 issue. This is one the craziest shoots I have worked on, it was shot at Danube supermarket and I know you are probably wondering why. I had a lovely opportunity to collaborate with Destination Jeddah as their Style and Beauty editor for the month. This issue was the food issue and my segment is the fashion segment, so I had to link the two in any way to create a resemblance and thats how the supermarket idea popped. The fashion I chose for this photoshoot is a mixture of local and international celebrated brands. My favourite part of this photoshoot was styling the looks, putting the pieces together, and running around from one boutique to another for fittings; it was exhausting but totally worth it ;). Grab your copies and show me some love! If you couldn’t grab a hard copy, here’s an online version; start at page 55.

A special thanks to Najla Zainy for my make up and Aysha Shukri from Manna Center for my hair. Also thank you to Max Mara, Cugini Boutique, M Project store, and Sotra for taking part of this project.

اخيرا اقدر اوريكم البروجكت اللي اشتغلت عليه مع علي شعبان و ذا لوفت لمجله دستنيشن جده  لعدد اوغستس ٢٠١٦. هادي الجلسه اكتر جلسه تصوير مجنونه سويتها، صورناها في سوبرماركت الدانوب. كانت فرصه رائعه اني اتعاون مع دستنيشن جده كمحرره الستايل والبيوتي للشهر. هادا العدد كان عن الاكل والصفحات اللي كنت مسؤوله عنها تكون صفحات فاشن فلازم اربط الفكرتين مع بعض بطريقه ما، وكده جات فكره السوبرماركت. اكتر شي عجبني في الموضوع كله هيا فقره تجهيز اللبس، واعمل التنسيقات واختار البس ايش مع ايش. يلا كل احد ياخد نسخته ويرسلي صوره. اضغطو هنا لو حابين نسخه الكترونيه وابداو من صفحه ٥٥

شكر خاص لماما نجلا زيني على الميك اب وعيشه شكري من منا سنتر على الشعر. كمان شكرا ل ماكس مارا وكوجيني بوتيك وموقع ام ستور بروجكت وستره على تعاونهم

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  • Lamees Shady
    August 15, 2016

    This photoshoot is one of my all time favourites! I can’t wait to go back to Jeddah to see the magazine You rocked your look as usual. I’m always getting overwhelmed from the things you come up with! God bless you beautiful❤️ And I read the Arabic part just because you told us to in snapchat❤️ Love youuuu!

  • dahlia alkhatib
    August 15, 2016

    wow i read it and it’s more than awesome to think of how creative your idea is!!

  • Dana
    October 12, 2016

    Ghalia you look absolutely stunning mashallah!! And I love the shooting location its so different!

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