Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

Spanish or African?

DSC_8830copyresizedThis look is one of those very unexpected looks. Its not inspired by any specific trend, its inspired by 2 completely different cultures. The print on this skirt is very African inspired, it reminds me so much of their traditional wear, of course its not exactly the same but it has the feel of it. The ruffles on this off-the-shoulder top are very Spanish inspired, it’s one of those tops you would see on a feminine Spanish tanned lady.

هادا اللوك غير متوقع لأنه مو مستوحى من موضه معينه. مستوحى من ثقافتين مختلفه عن بعض. النقش اللي على التنوره مستوحى من الثقافه الافريقيه، هوا مو بالظبط نفسه ولكن يشبهو كتير. الكشكشات اللي على البلوزه تذكرني باللبس الأسباني
DSC_8800copyresizedA Saudi designer called “Hana Samman” created this combination. She’s been known as a Abaya designer for so many years, recently she started designing thobes, kaftans, and skirts. I attended an event at her boutique in Tahlia and I fell in love with this look from her newest collection. I had to get my hands on it. Her Instagram is @hanasamman

القطعتين من تصميم هناء سمان. معروفه بانها مصممه عبايات من سنييين، قبل فتره بدأت تصمم تياب وتنانير وقفطانات.   حضرت ايفنت لها وعرفتني بمجموعتها الجديده، وحبيت هادا اللوك مرا كتير. انستاقرام المصممه

@hanasammanDSC_8801copyresized DSC_8805copyresized DSC_8809copyresized DSC_8833copyresized


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