Friday, December 6th, 2013

What makes Useless Store not so useless?

Useless Store is so special and unique in so many ways that I personally find it hard to express the concept and story behind it. So I decided to ask Maryam Yamani, co-owner at Useless Store, to tell us more about her store. 

Maryam says, “It is a concept store specializing in comfy wear and graphic and statement t-shirts. My partner Sultana and I noticed that the Jeddah market needs a comfy wear store that suits the laid back lifestyle. We started by participating in Bisat Alreeh two years ago while we were still students in our last year at Franklin College, Switzerland and after we saw the high demand as soon as we graduated and settled we decided to bring the business plan to life.” 

The characteristics of the product offering is truly reflected when you visit the store, and I happen to have bought a couple of comfy t-shirts from there.

Mayram also adds, “The name “Useless” is driven by the style mantra “Less is more” and how you can use less clothes and wear one item for different occasions. A t-shirt could be worn to the gym, college, dinner, family gathering, or we are seeing now how celebrities are dressing them up to parties! At the moment we do not make any t-shirts, we are mainly buyers who are looking to have our own exclusive collection of graphic t-shirts in Jeddah. Our main focus is on the text and very minimal graphics we try to stay up to date with trends because our market is mostly made up of youth who are all about self-expression and are always hunting for new emerging trends. The store concept is anti-discrimination/anti-bullying/anti-racism and that is why our logo is a panda because it works to merge different comfort zones in one bubble (black, white, asian, fat) we serve everyone, ship worldwide, and have all the sizes“.

You can view their latest collection on their Facebook page or you can visit the store in Chamelle Plaza

How Maryam styled a Useless tee to the opening of her store

Tshirt: Useless Store
Pants: Bershka 
Necklace: H&M 
Bag: The Cambridge Satchel company

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