Friday, July 22nd, 2016

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We all share the same goal when it comes to our career and dreams, we want the ability to pursue what we love as a career. There is no better feeling than waking up everyday to check a list of things you are excited about and feeling proud by the end of the day. Even if you didn’t figure it out yet, deep down we are passionate about something, it definitely takes so long to discover yourself and know what that thing is but once you do, you are lovestruck and stuck with it forever. That sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Between you and yourself it definitely is perfect but that is not always the case between you and others. Working alone is almost impossible, you can’t go big without teamwork and collaborations, doing it with others takes you to beautiful paths and outcomes. The only issue is the process, others might not share the same passion nor vision and conflict of interest will always arise and you will always have to sacrifice a bit from here and there. One thing I learned from my humble experience is, hold tight to your goal but not too tight that it would break, loosen up bit for a chance to explore and to listen to others too, your way is not always the right way. With a little patience when dealing with others, you might end up learning something new and they might open your eyes up to little details.

I wore this outfit in Dubai to attend meetings. A simple white vest from Topshop paired with Formal black pants from Zara. A pop of red on the lips and the bag for a little change.

Photos by @novemberus

اغلبنا عندنا نفس الهدف بالنسبه لحياتنا المهنيه، الكل يتمنى انه يشتغل في المجال اللي يحبه ويحقق احلامه. احلى شعور انه الواحد يبدا يومه بقائمه اعمال هوا يستمتع فيها ويحس بفخر لمن يخلص المهام. ممكن مو الكل يعرف ايش المجال اللي هوا شغوف في لانه ياخد وقت عبال ما الشخص يكتشف ويفهم نفسه بس اول ما الواحد يعرف الشيء المناسب له، حيتعلق في. وهادي هيا الحياة المهنيه المثاليه بينك وبين نفسك بس للاسف الموقف مو مثالي لمن تشتغلي مع الاخرين. والواحد مضطر يشتغل مع الناس لانه من غير فريق عمل ومن غير تعاونات مستحيل يتطور العمل. ولكن شغفك ورؤيتك مو الكل حيتفق معاكي فيها وممكن يحصل سوء تفاهم او اختلاف آراء ولازم الواحد يضحي شويه ويتنازل عن بعض الامور. خبرتي في مجال العمل بسيطه بس اهم شيء اتعلمته انه الواحد لازم يتماسك في شغفه وهدفه بس يترك شويه مجال لآراء اشخاص تانين وافكار جديده. مع شويه صبر في التعامل مع الاخرين ممكن نتعلم شيء جديد او احد يلفت انتباهنا لتفاصيل جديدة

هاذا اللبس لبسته لاجتماع في دبي. سديري ابيض ساده من توب شوب وبنطلون اسود رسمي من زارا. روج احمر وشنطه حمرة للتغير.

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  • Loud Brain
    July 26, 2016

    Love this article Ghalia! This is the exact motivation and right words i needed to hear to start working on my dream project. You said everything so well; i was making a mistake thinking that I’ll be able to walk alone; but walking alone to accomplish something is not so easy. JazakAllahKhayr! for this.

    P.S. The dress and the shots are lovely!
    also i am staying away from social media for a while therefore i am unable to check ur insta and snapchat! i miss seeing your work :'(

  • wejdan
    July 29, 2016

    so beautiful mashallah
    u Inspired me lulu
    good luck

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